Moving In Summer Vs Winter

By Logan / 01/21/2019

If you plan on moving eventually, then you might be wondering which time of year is the best to move. Is it summer? Or is it winter? You might have heard that the winter has slightly lower rates in terms of renting a van, truck, or lorry. However, each season as difficulties that you might encounter.

The peak moving season for many households typically runs from late spring until early fall. However, prices might be higher for the services and things you need. However, don’t base your decision entirely on saving money. Other primary factors going into cost include the distance traversed, storage requirements and needs, and how much weight is being hauled.

Wintertime is usually slower, which can mean savings of up to 15 percent, although the holidays might see a slight peak. Two downsides to the winter include it getting darker so much earlier and the weather. Travel plans can get interrupted, and the available daylight might mean a work crew has to split their labour over two days instead of one, which can run up your costs.

You also need to consider the nature of the items that you are going to move. If you have antiques, items with or made of glass, and musical instruments, or any other fragile items. They’re going to fare better in the warmth of summer. There will also be much less chance of anyone moving crates or boxes of slipping on ice or snow. Many movers will take great effort to protect your things from temperature changes, but cargo areas of vehicles are rarely environmentally controlled, and so the climate can affect your sensitive possessions. Ultimetly the choice is yours, if you’re moving in summer or winter, both have pros and cons.

Summer is a more popular time for many to move, because it might be easier to get time off from work and kids might be out of school. The warm temperatures and long hours of daylight also just make it physically easier and safer to move, as compared to the potential for treacherous weather in the middle of winter.

Still, since many are moving, it can be more expensive to get packing supplies and hire vehicles and labour to help you out.

Whether you let or own can make a difference about when it’s better to move. Summer and heading into the fall is the peak season for selling homes, so it’s more likely you’d get a better price, find more potential buyers, make your sale, and then have to move.

One thing you can do to save money in either season is to try and move around the middle of the month. Many families moving with children that are moving do so at the beginning or end of a month, so it can be cheaper if you’re not competing with them. For that matter, try and move during the middle of the week to make things even better, considering how many try and target the weekends.

So, the decision of which season to move really boils down to what flexibility you have and what factors are important to you. If you can move during the winter over the summer, you’re likely to save up to 15 per cent off the season alone, and even more, if you move on weekdays near the middle of the month.

The downsides of winter are going to be the cold temperatures affecting your sensitive or fragile possessions, wet ground putting people in jeopardy, and short days and inclement weather meaning you need a labour crew for extra days.

Summer means competing with the crowds that are also moving, and prices are higher. Having said that, the days are much longer, and you’re far more likely to get a better offer for your home if you are selling your previous residence.

Whenever you wind up moving, try and do as much as you can ahead of time, including packing things up as much as you can on your own, getting rid of anything that doesn’t need to move with you, and possibly carrying what you can in your own vehicles to minimise the services and assistance you need from professionals.

Having said all that, rain or shine, warm or cold, best of luck to you in your new home and congratulations, regardless of what time of year it is!

And it does not matter when you move. You still need to make sure you have a solid packing guide to go by and a good moving checklist.

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