How to Move Homes With Kids – Without Going Crazy!

By Logan / 12/03/2018

Moving home with kids can make one go crazy if not planned correctly. Today we are going to explore how to do it right. If you do it wrong you might get some new grey hairs by the time your move is done. If you do it right you’ll be loving life and your kids won’t be impacted too much by the move.

Before Moving Day

To get this right you need to start planning well before you move. Kids are, well, kids, right? Dropping something on a child like “honey we are moving today so say goodbye to your room… forever” is not a good idea. In fact, it’s very bad parenting. It’s best to let your kids know that you plan to move at least a month before.

Even sooner is better! Think back to being a child and having to leave your school if you were to move far away. That means leaving your friends. Leaving all your favourite spots you play at the local park and event daycare and all those friends. It’s not a fun thing to go through so you should prepare your kids for what will take place.

Look into all the new opportunities that you kids will have where you are moving. All the parks, the new daycare, the new school they will attend and start to reinforce how good it’s going to be.

During the Move

Like we mentioned above get the kids involved with the moving process. You will have a lot of organisation to do with de-cluttering before you start packing. So get them involved and then get them involved in packing also.

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids some life skills also. Basic things like packing their room together is also a good opportunity for some relationship building. Let them plan out how they will pack their room under your guidance.

Tip: Make sure their favourite toys are packed last. This way they have something to ‘hold on to’ from your now old home and there will be less emotional de-attachment for your kids.

Once the packing is done move them through what will happen on moving day.

Moving Day

The best advice for moving day with kids is to keep the kids out of the house. Drop them at the in-laws or a trusted friend after they say their final goodbyes. This way they are in a comfortable spot with people they are trust tehmselves instead of at daycare or somewhere that they have been dropped and have fellings of abandonment.

If you have the kids in the car with you during the move you can play their favourite songs to keep something familiar in their head.

Setting into the New Home

After the move is done the best thing you can do is make your kids their favourite home cooked meal the first night. Too once again, you guessed it, create familiarity.

Have your kids unpack their rooms and set things up how they want. But make sure you oversee it and once again create a familiar and safe space for them by making their room look the same as the old room.

Another thing you can do is to make sure the routine that takes place on a daily basis is routine and things are not chaso in the household so they adjust quicker. This is proven to work to help kids adjust faster.

If your kids behave differently during the move or even in the weeks after the move don’t be alarmed. To be blunt you might have just ripped their world apart if you pulled them out of school. So they need time to adjust, they will adjust eventually, but as kids, they need time, more than adults do.

To fast track their adjustment get them involved in daycare ASAP. Get them playing with their new friends on weekend. Get them going to the local park and so on. And of course there is school. The faster they get back to school the better as this is the easiest way for kids for make new friends.

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