Top Tips for Moving a Mattress

By Logan / 03/30/2019

High quality mattresses can make all the difference when it comes to a good sleeping experience.  A high quality mattress can help you feel well-rested, pain-free and refreshed the next morning.  However, mattresses can be expensive, so most people will choose to move their mattresses instead of buying a new one when relocating.  The problem arises when you need to go about moving the mattress.  This article will provide some information and top tips for moving a mattress.

Before you begin to move the mattress, it is essential that you assess the condition of the bed accessory and determine if it is worth the move.  This early assessment can save a lot of effort, time and money.  If you feel the mattress has served its purpose and needs to be changed, then it may not be worthwhile moving the item.  If, however, you are satisfied that the mattress needs to be moved then there are steps to be followed.

What Are the Different Mattress Packing Tips?

Without a doubt, the simplest means of moving a mattress and transporting it to a new residence is by hiring professional movers.  Professional packers and movers will not only move the mattress, but they can move the bed as well.  This being said, the services of a professional moving company can be costly.  It may not be as expensive as one may think, but it is more expensive than using a DIY approach.  If you choose to move the mattress independently, it is recommended that you use a mattress cover.  This piece of packing material will make all the difference when relocating and transporting a mattress.

Mattress covers are available in different forms, but the plastic mattress cover is most beneficial as it protects the item from dust, dirt, water, moisture and other damage.  The protector is widely available and affordable costing approximately $10 from a home depot store.  Durable mattress covers can also be ordered online if you are willing to wait for its delivery.

If you do not have time to search for and purchase a plastic mattress protector, then you should consider using furniture blankets.  Cover the mattress completely using the blankets, then secure the blankets using rope, twine or packing tape.

What Are the Mattress Moving Tips?

Here are five tips to help you move your mattress.

#1:  Using the Correct Moving Vehicle

Once you have adequately prepared the mattress for moving, it is time to relocate the item.  As long as you have the correct moving vehicle, the task is not very challenging.  It comes as no surprise that the most significant part of the moving vehicle is to have enough space to accommodate the large bed accessory.  If you own or can rent a pick-up truck, then you should not have problems fitting a standard-sized mattress in the vehicle.  If you are using a large SUV, then it is possible to fit the mattress by putting the seats of the car down or folding the mattress in half.  A moving truck is the ideal moving vehicle as you can definitely fit any size mattress in this type of automobile.

#2:  Asking Friends for Assistance

It is important to remember that moving a mattress requires more than one pair of hands.  This is because mattresses are very heavy and too large to be handled safely by a single person.  If you have decided not to hire professional movers, then it is advised that you ask friends for assistance in moving the mattress.  Be sure you ask for help from at least two other people.

#3:  Clearing an Exit Route

Before moving the mattress, it is recommended that you inspect the exit route from your bedroom where the mattress is packed to the moving vehicle.  This will help assure the path is clear of obstacles that could damage the mattress or cause injury.

#4:  Carrying the Mattress To The Vehicle

When carrying the mattress to the vehicle, it is advised that the item is placed on its longer side with a moving strap under the corners.  If the mattress has handles, it is possible to use these handles instead of straps.  You and your helpers should lift the mattress at the same time to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.  Even distribution of weight is essential to remain balanced, so you will need to move slowly in the direction of the moving vehicle.

#5:  Loading the Mattress

Using all of the manpower you have, load the protected mattress onto the moving vehicle securing it with rope to immobilize it.  Gel and memory foam mattresses should be transported flat to avoid any damage to the item.

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