Our HUGE 2 Part House Moving & Packing Tips Collection [Part 2]

Welcome back! This is part two of our massive two-part moving and packing tips series. You can read part-one here that covered the packing side of things. Today’s blog posts is going to cover the moving side of things.

Moving Checklist

Below is our moving checklist. If you cover all the points on our checklist your are going to have your move covered. Don’t miss anything!

These tips are more for DIY moving vs hiring a moving company to help you move just so you know.

  • Van (or Truck) Hire – The first thing that should spring to you mind when doing a DIY move is van hire. It’s always a good option if you want to keep costs low and don’t have much to move. Or if you have an extra set of hands to help you move such as a partner or flat mates. But make sure you are insured for your self move!
  • Man and Van – Another good option to move is to hire a man and van as it’s called. This means you are hiring a driver for the van and depending on the company you hire will depend on the level of help you’ll get. So companies offer a hands-on service to help you pack the truck.  Some companies offer a more budget service with just a driver who only drives.Both are good options as you don’t have to worry about fuel or insurance costs.
  • Multiple Trips – Don’t pack a van so heavy that it’s uncomfortable for you to drive. Or if you are going really cheap and using your car and doing several trips do one or two more trips. You don’t want to block your view or have your things pushing against you as you drive. This can be dangerous!
  • Plan Ahead – It should be quite easy for you to figure out how much fuel you will need based on your cars mileage. It’s best to have a spare jerrycan of fuel in the car in case you run short as you will be burning more fuel with a fully loaded car.
  • Unloading Tips – This next tip ties into the packing tips from part-one of this series. Remember when you labelled all your boxes. As you unload at your new place make sure you carry the boxes right into the room they need to go in. So the bedroom boxes go right to the bedroom and so on. This will save you the trouble of moving all the boxes twice, from the door of your new home to where they need to go anyhow.
  • First-Night Box – The first box you should take into your new home should be your first-night supplies box and make sure to put it in the kitchen. This way you will know where you essentials for the first night are.
  • Hire Help for Furniture – You can hire a handyman by the hour or maybe agree on a special rate with a moving company to come to and help you re-build your furniture if you don’t have a friend who can help. This should be one of the first things you do before you unpack.
  • Unpack Routinely – Don’t just start randomly unpacking. You made you checklist of everything that is in each box so use it! Unpack boxes as they are needed and put everything away planed and accordingly.
  • Unpack Over Time – Don’t unpack over just an afternoon. Unpack over a few days or a week. This way your move is going to be a lot less stressful than doing everything in one day.

When you have finished your move don’t forget to change contact details with everyone who requires them such as your banks, the government, your phone provider and so on.

That is basically it! You’re done! Yay!

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