Moving Houses with Pets

By Logan / 02/16/2019

It’s estimated that more homes have pets than don’t, and when it comes time to move houses, you need to take your animal family members with you, along with all their things. However, you should realise that they’re not going to understand what’s going on. All they’ll see is their familiar environment and surroundings being packed up and dismantled, and that stress can cause them to do funny things. Keep reading to learn tips about moving houses with your pets.

If you have dogs and cats, which are very common pets, you should know that they respond very differently to family relocations. Dogs are very social creatures, and the more time and attention you give them, the better they will adjust to new surroundings, especially if they know you are not going to leave them. Cats, on the other hand, put more emphasis on their surroundings, so they don’t change as quickly. A formerly independent cat might get unusually affectionate and even clingy. On the flip side, a cat that is typically demonstrative might suddenly get reclusive.

When everything is getting packed up, get your animals into crates or carriers, or just confine them to a specific room. Leave them there until everything is packed up and ready to go, but have someone look over them if need be.

Make sure that during the vehicle transit that they are comfortable. A favourite blanket or toy can help them out, and their carriers need to have proper ventilation. Don’t just pack them in with all the boxes.

If your transit is going to mean staying somewhere overnight, be sure you’re staying someplace pet-friendly. Never take a chain’s word on it. Call the specific hotel you’re staying at to make sure. Also, make sure the rooms don’t have hazards for your pets or potential for their escape.

An overnight kit that you can get to easily is a great thing to pack, including food, litter, grooming tools, and toys. If you can, bottle up several gallons of water from your old home. The consistency of water changes from place to place, and while you might not notice it, the familiar taste can make things easier on your pet.

If you will be moving far enough to have to change vets, be sure to get in touch with your old one. You’ll need to take prescription medicines and records with you. You might even be able to get a recommendation for a new vet after you move.

If you’re moving with fish, then you need to know that they respond quite strongly to stress. Moving homes can prove traumatising to them, if not outright fatal. Try and transport them in their old tank water with the right supplies for a short distance. A long haul might just mean giving them to a local friend and getting new fish once you arrive.

Guinea pigs are another animal known to suffer badly from any sudden changes or getting jostled around. They have particularly susceptible hearts, so be careful with them. Transport them in a small carrier that is warm and comfortable.

If you’re moving with birds in particular, then you should know that moving day is a risky time to fly the coop. If you’re one of those owners that love telling friends that your bird has never flown away from your shoulder, then your complacency might cost you. Birds are like many other pets in how jittery they get about change, so even if your parrot resists the idea of being caged, do it anyway on moving day.

If it all possible, just have your pets stay with someone they already know and trust while you move. Bring them to your new home once you’re done and unpacked, so they can just skip all the stress and trauma of the process. It can make the adjustment much easier for them if done right. When done wrong, the moving process can be quite dangerous for pets, and you might even lose them, which is certainly something you never want to see happen.

If you are moving into a place that you are going to let instead of own, make sure you can even have pets there legally.

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