Packing Fragile Items for your House Move

By Logan / 02/04/2019

Moving is a huge undertaking and it can be very time-consuming. If you have fragile items that need to be packed these packing tips can help you to get your fragile items safely from your current home to your new home.

Choose Quality Sturdy Boxes

Always start with a good quality sturdy box for your packing needs. A box that is breaking down on the sides and made of thin cardboard isn’t going to offer your fragile goods a sturdy packing container. Thick cardboard boxes are important to the survival of your fragile items. Make sure that the boxes have a sturdy lid to go along with them.

Choose Quality Packaging Supplies

Use a good bubble wrap for your packaging. You can also use plain newsprint (printed newsprint sometimes will transfer the print onto your fragile items) and you can use packing peanuts. Acid-free papers are also good for packing fragile items. You’ll want to have plenty of this on hand so make sure to stock up before you begin packing. You don’t want to have to stop while you’re in the mode to pack and run to the store for more. You may also wish to check with stores that get liquor and see if you can get some of the inserts that the liquor bottle come in (cardboard dividers) or make your own. These are ideal for packing glasses, vases, and taller fragile items.

Choose Dish Boxes For Packing Dishes

Moving companies offer a myriad of different boxes for sale. Choose their specialized boxes for your dishes You can use these for plates and other items. Be sure to wrap plates in bubble wrap and take care to not allow anything to bang together. You may wish to add in some packing peanuts as well to ensure that your plates never have the chance of touching and breaking. You can use your dish linens to add some additional padding in between your dishware. Tuck dishcloths, pot holders, dish towels and tablecloths in between the already padded bubble wrap dishes.

Protect The Stems Of Glassware

Champagne and wine glasses require more padding than you may think. Be sure to wrap some bubble wrap around each stem and finish this by wrapping the entire champagne or wine glass with even more bubble wrap. Secure the bubble wrap with some crumpled paper and you may wish to add some masking tape to that to hold it securely on your stemware. After you’ve wrapped it well, tuck it gently into a divider from a liquor store or some cardboard dividers so that it won’t dislodge or clang together. Add in some packing materials such as packing peanuts or shredded paper to help pad it even more.

Don’t Hesitate To Disassemble

Take the time to remove lampshades and other components. Remove light bulbs as well. Wrap the cords around the lamp overlapping it and then secure the cords to the lamp itself. Follow this up with some packaging paper and finally with some bubble wrap. Make sure that you’re securing every layer separately so that if one layer becomes dislodged you still have the next one protecting your precious fragile items. Pack all of this into a sturdy box and secure the lid well. Be sure to mark the box as fragile.

Pack Fragile Items Early

Pack fragile items early so that you’re not scrambling to pack them at the last minute. This way, you’ll avoid any risk of being in too much of a hurry and damaging anything that is fragile. It’s never too early to begin packing. The sooner you begin, the easier the move is going to be.

Move Carefully

Don’t be in a rush to load items into the moving vehicle. Make sure that lids are secured and those fragile items are placed where they can’t fall over or become banged up. Taking care while loading and unloading will be the final steps to the survival of your fragile items.

Following these tips for packing and moving fragile items will go far in helping you to keep from breaking any of your items while you’re moving. All it takes are a few easy steps and your fragile items will be safe and sound upon their arrival at your new destination.

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