How To Cut Costs When Moving Homes

By Logan / 11/21/2018

Moving house can be expensive! Just ask anyone who has moved a full family home across a city let alone across the country. Let dive into some tips to slash the cost of moving as every penny helps, right!

De-clutter, Then Pack

This is an easy one that will save you money. Organise before you move.

If you organise instead of just cramming everything into boxes you will use fewer boxes than you were planning to and this will lower your cost if you are planning to use a moving company. Or reduce the number of trips you will have to make if you do a DIY move.

In addition, you will have everything organised so you will be able to sell off things locally with a garage sale that you don’t need or if that is not you style then you can seel on eBay or Craigslist.

One more thing to add to this section is to weight up the cost of moving furniture if you are moving across the country. Moving furniture can cost you a lot of money so it can be worth it to actually sell your old furniture and buy new furniture when you move into your new home.

The Mid Week Move

Have you heard of the mid week move? Also known as the money saving move. If it’s not clicking for you here is a hint. Everyone is trying to move on the weekend. This is a perfect example of supply and demand. If everyone is trying to move on Saturday or Sunday then the moving companies are charging more for weekend moves.

If you can move midweek then do so and make sure you confirm the rate you are getting with your moving company is going to be a weekday rate.

Tip: Friday is also the weekend when it comes to moving. A lot of people take off a Friday to move and spend Saturday and Sunday unpacking. So when we say move midweek we mean from Monday to Thursday. Tip provided by Fox Removals Perth.

Free Boxes

Don’t pay a dime for boxes as you can get them for free. Think about all your friend who has moved in the past you could ask.

If that fails, go to the local supermarket and they will happily hand them over as it costs them money to pay staff to break them down and put them in the recycling bin. If you take them off their hands it’s free of charge. So don’t be shy and ask your local supermarket for their spare boxes, that will be thrown out anyhow.

Another option is to get boxes from the moving company that you are going to use for your move. Any good moving company should be supplying boxes for your move. If you are using their bottom tier budget service this might not be the case but the mid-range services and above should include moving boxes.

Food In Your New Home

When you move into your new home forget cooking for the first few days. You will be so busy unpacking that it will just stress you out.

In the day and age, we live in with food delivery apps like Uber Eats or just searching Google for something like ‘food delivery + city’ there is no need to add that extra stress. Just eat in.

Or better yet use the opportunity you have to explore the local food scene around your new home to find your new favourite go-to spot for dinner.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If you want more moving tips then look just below and you should see some more articles to dive right into.

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