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Hi, I'm Logan. I'm the owner of Parcel2Ship.co.uk a place that helps those looking for advice on moving homes, transporting goods, sending product and so on. If you're moving somewhere or sending something you're in the right place!


5 Things To Cross Off Before Moving Homes

By Logan / 11/09/2018

When you are planning to move into a new home it can be very time consuming and stressful. And that is only the move itself. Just take a look at our two-part moving guide (read part 1 here – read part 2 here) and you will see what we mean! What else do you need […]


Our HUGE 2 Part House Moving & Packing Tips Collection [Part 2]

By Logan / 10/17/2018

Welcome back! This is part two of our massive two-part moving and packing tips series. You can read part-one here that covered the packing side of things. Today’s blog posts is going to cover the moving side of things. Moving Checklist Below is our moving checklist. If you cover all the points on our checklist […]


Our HUGE 2 Part House Moving & Packing Tips Collection [Part 1]

By Logan / 10/05/2018

After a little prep work we are finally bringing you what we know you have been waiting for. Our HUGE collection of moving and packing tips. If you are relocating your home or business. Within the same city or town or even across the country then today’s massive guide is going to help you. Don’t […]

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