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Hi, I'm Logan. I'm the owner of Parcel2Ship.co.uk a place that helps those looking for advice on moving homes, transporting goods, sending product and so on. If you're moving somewhere or sending something you're in the right place!


Benefits Of Custom Packaging For Your Business Parcels

By Logan / 12/05/2018

Product packaging plays an important role in business regardless of its industry or sector, whether it is electronics, furniture, art etc. The ideal packaging is supposed to protect the product during shipping while at the same time creating a memorable experience for the consumer. Businesses have recognised that the way to achieve this is through […]


How to Move Homes With Kids – Without Going Crazy!

By Logan / 12/03/2018

Moving home with kids can make one go crazy if not planned correctly. Today we are going to explore how to do it right. If you do it wrong you might get some new grey hairs by the time your move is done. If you do it right you’ll be loving life and your kids […]


Avoid These Common Mistakes on Moving Day

By Logan / 11/30/2018

If you have been reading our blog since the early days then you know moving can be a stressful experience. Or perhaps you have moved homes once or twice yourself and know first hand what we are talking about. Below are a few things to keep in mind to keep those stress levels right down. […]


The Best Transport Ideas For Moving Internationally

By Logan / 11/28/2018

If you are moving your home internationally, you need to consider what the transportation options are. Your options will vary depending on the number of items you want to move and where you are going to move to. The most common transport ideas will be sea freight, air freight and land transportation. Why You Should […]


How To Cut Costs When Moving Homes

By Logan / 11/21/2018

Moving house can be expensive! Just ask anyone who has moved a full family home across a city let alone across the country. Let dive into some tips to slash the cost of moving as every penny helps, right! De-clutter, Then Pack This is an easy one that will save you money. Organise before you […]

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