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Parcel Delivery to the Republic of Ireland

Parcel delivery to the Republic of Ireland from 20.68+vat Welcome to parcel delivery to the Republic of Ireland from We have delivery options from DHL and Parcelforce and can deliver parcels up to 49Kg in weight. Use our "Quick Quote" option below to find the best delivery service for your parcel.

When you send a parcel to the Republic of Ireland we will arrange for it to be collected from your UK address and will courier it to the Republic of Ireland, including all major cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Kilkenny.

The Republic of Ireland is a member of the European Union and therefore movement of goods from the UK to the Republic of Ireland is mainly without barriers. Shipping within the EU has few trade restrictions and no specific Customs documentation is not needed although you must ensure that your items are not restricted from shipping. Restrictions on what we can deliver can be found here. Please note that we are not able to ship to PO boxes

Send Parcel to the Republic of Ireland During earlier times, Ireland was a section of the United Kingdom for over 120 decades. Fifteen years later, after the Irish civil war, it changed the name of Irish Free State to Ireland. In 1949, Ireland confirmed its independence and was then known as the Republic of Ireland. Since 1955, Ireland is a United Nations member and also a member of the European Union since 1973. The Irish are known to be free-natured, spontaneous, friendly and hospitable people. Their easy-going approach to life is what other nation inhabitants admire the most. W.B. Yeats, an established writer and Westlife, a famous pop boy-band belong to the Irish origin. Ireland is situated in North-West Europe. Northern Island, Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea surround the borders of Ireland.

The burial chambers at Newgrange is one of the most amazing prehistoric sites and also a World Heritage Site. Ireland's medieval capital, Kilkenny also holds the rich Kilkenny Castle that includes a collection of antiques and art gallery. Historical monuments in Ireland are also found at Cliffs of Moher, another popular tourist attraction. The Drombeg Stone Circle is an Iron Age remnant that traces cultures of that era whereas the Ring of Kerry is another beautiful spot that includes great seascapes and lush green land.

If you need an easy way to send a parcel to Ireland, we are happy to be of assistance. With systematic international courier services, we believe that you will have a great experience when shipping to Ireland.

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