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Parcel delivery to Jamaica

Parcel delivery to Jamaica from 45.95 Welcome to parcel delivery to Jamaica from Parcel2ship.co.uk. We have delivery options from DHL and Parcelforce and can deliver parcels up to 49Kg in weight. Use our "Quick Quote" option below to find the best delivery service for your parcel.

When you send a parcel to Jamaica, we will arrange for it to be collected from your UK address and will courier it to Jamaica including all major cities such as Anotto Bay, Black River, Brown's Town, Bull Savanna, Falmouth, Half Way Tree, Kingston, Lucea, Mandeville, May Pen, Montego Bay, Morant Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Port Maria, Portmore, Saint Ann's Bay, Savanna la Mar and Spanish Town.

Customs documentation has to be prepared for deliveries to Jamaica. Click here for template customs documents.

Send Parcel to Jamaica

The Jaunty Island

One of the most booming islands in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is home to some of the best things that have come out of the Greater Antilles Islands. This island nation is the birthplace of reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, dancehall and ragga. These musical genres are enjoyed world-wide and their vibrant beats have influenced other popular styles. It has also boosted the tourism industry of the country which in turn has facilitated parcel delivery to Jamaica.

Along with its lively music, Jamaica is world famous for its scenic landscapes. The tropical island experiences a hot and humid climate that has wrought a lush region which is filled with verdant forests and stunning mountains such as the highest range Blue Mountain. This range is popular across the planet because of the delicious Blue Mountain Coffee which is cultivated on the mountain-top. Besides the natural beauty of the island, you also have the botanical gardens like the Castleton Garden and Hope Garden that was created by the British explorers. These garden stand as a relic to Jamaica's colonial past.

The country was subjected to Spanish rule till 1655 when it was taken over by the English settlers. In 1962, the island achieved its independence though it still has strong ties with its former rulers. While Jamaica has adopted the parliamentary democracy as its system of governance, the country continues to be part of the Commonwealth realm. This makes the reigning Queen of England, Elizabeth II its constitutional head and bestows on her the title of "Queen of Jamaica." The foreign rule also had a strong bearing on the language of the people. Apart from its official language (English), majority of the people on the island speak Jamaican Patois which is a combination of English and Creole languages. These factors enable fast track shipping to Jamaica from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, UK users have a variety of cheap shipping deals to choose from.

Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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